02 6920 2011 info@kingsown.com.au

It’s been a long time in the planning and the making, but we are so thrilled to finally have our new beer garden and playground open and ready for use. Here’s a picture journey from start to finish of both projects.


Plus, we had a visit from Laurie Daley during the building of the playground, which was just the injection of motivation the hard workers needed to finish the day!


Special thanks to the following awesome people who helped us make this area a reality:

Jon and Rosa Bohan
Steve and Kate Kennett
Alex and Gemma Boutross
Rob and Cat Upston
Ben and Emily Shaw
Brett and Shannon Chittick
Brigid Vieira
Austin Van Strijp
Ramona Vogt
Salena Knight
Bernard and Therese Gaynor

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